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  • FAQ

    Phase I | Poppy 1 | Quick Facts Below

01 | Zoning

The Phase I and Phase II Lots are zone MDR (CZ). Information on Monterey County’s MDR zoning can be found here.  Pebble Beach and the Lots are located within Del Monte Forest.

02 | Infrastructure

The Poppy 1 Lots now have a finished road (called “Poppy Lane”, a cul-de-sac) and all Phase I and II Lots have full underground utilities running along the road for each Lot, stubbed to the curb. All the Lots have sanitary sewer, storm drain, power, gas, and communication.

03 | Setbacks, Coverage, Etc

MDR / B-8 (CZ) Zoning:

Max. Height of Main Structures  -  27 Feet
Minimum Front Setback  -  30 Feet
Minimum Side Setback  -  10% of average lot width with maximum required of 20 feet
Minimum Rear Setback  -  20 Feet

Building Site Coverage/Floor Area Ratio:

Density | 2 units or less per acre  -  Coverage/FAR | 25%
Density | More than 2 units per acre  -  Coverage/FAR | 35%

04 | Other Building Restrictions

Construction on the Lots will be subject to Pebble Beach Company's Architectural Review Board and the existing architectural and design guidelines for Del Monte Forest, which can be found here.

05 | Tree Removal

As with any new construction in Del Monte Forest, builders are subject to regulations as provided by Monterey County and Pebble Beach Company. Generally though, trees that fall within the permitted improvements may be removed with the proper permits. Mitigation and other processes may occur on a case-by-case basis. TAP advises speaking with an Arborist familiar with these regulations for more specific information.

06 | Water Rights

There will be a designated amount of water of 0.8 to 0.5 acre/ft per Lot depending on size, which includes a landscape credit in the total. This equates to a significant amount of water credits, or fixture units, per Lot, after the landscape credit is allocated. TAP advises speaking with an Architect or certified General Contractor for estimates on fixture count from this total.

07 | HOA / Other Fees

There will be a road fee of approximately $1,000/year and a conservation fee of approximately $1,000/year associated with each Lot.

08 | Poppy Hills Golf Course

The newly renovated Poppy Hills Golf Course reopened on April 4, 2014. For information about the golf course and the renovation, visit the Poppy Hills website. As a Northern California Golf Association course, members enjoy benefits including reduced green fees. For more information on joining the NCGA, visit their website here.

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